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The Achievement Blip

February 10th, 2009 by Anuj

There once was a time,
when no one came online,
people played their games,
without remembering any of their friends’ names.

A time when effort spent was nothing lost,
for there was nothing on our checklists that needed crossed.
Each objective had an appropriate reward, a fitting retribution,
as opposed to the next task at hand, requiring little or no intuition.

Though that time is gone, forever lost, forever mourned,
we will embrace our new tranquility,
with subconscious mind and obsessive ability.
The achievement blip at the helm,
now ruling our gaming realm;
with the majesty with which you are adorned,
I only wish that we were warned.

Oh peaceful and serene achievement blip,
your every visit makes my heart flip…
except when it’s just my friends coming online,
which is actually what’s happening 90% of the time.

Despite that however, my heart races and leaps and flies and soars,
but then I see my friend’s name and I’m just left wanting more.
In that moment I trip and fall and crash into depression,
and once again crawl back into my obsession.

I’ll never know why your visits I desire…
what I think I’d really like, is for you to retire.
What is it that you fulfill, for me to seek you so aggressively,
keeping me from living happily.
I feel like I don’t even play a game anymore,
unless it’ll improve my gamerscore.

At least I haven’t played things like King Kong, and Cars, and Avatar,
because then I might feel like a complete retard.
But unfortunately it’s probably only a matter of time,
till I commit that heinous crime.

As those little numbers increase by five and ten,
my dedication grows by a similar token.
I knew it was getting out of hand,
when I started counting the numbers like grains of sand,
till I reached the lofty ten thousand.

Alas, this was a burden with which I was born,
despite any and all of my scorn.
We may no longer be free,
but achievement blip I admire thee:
your evaluation had been something I’ve always wanted…
be it cold and cruel to leave me haunted.
Be careful what you wish for,
to open such a bitter sweet door,
for we are only mortal,
now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go play more Portal.

Wrote a terrible poem

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  • 1. Anuj  |  February 12th, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    I should probably add, that the poem isn’t exactly about me in every way… I’d say it’s more of a general perspective on the whole thing.

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