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Dr. Horrible’s Rabbit Hole

August 6th, 2008 by Anuj

So, much like with most of my posts, I feel obligated to explain myself before actually getting to the meat of the post.  No doubt this will lead to a relatively meaty introduction, and here I am about to get into the meatiness of my introductions.  Well no thank you, I’m vegetarian.

Dr. Horrible and Friends!

If the reference wasn’t obvious enough for you, first of all, you’re lame, second I will unlamify you.   Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is essentially the latest production of someone I am a big fan of, Joss Whedon.  Let me just say that I was a pretty big fan of Buffy and Angel, and I LOVE Firefly, which includes Serenity.  I still place Firefly at the top of my list as far as best TV shows ever goes.  No no, I’m not even just saying that because I remembered the show existed just now or some shit because of Dr. Horrible and it has momentarily rekindled my fire for a momentary lapse, no no, it’s hard to have a conversation with me about TV shows without me mentioning Firefly, EVER.  The show is a perfect and depressing and beautiful creation that was so undeservingly snubbed out of life by raving idiots, thereby taking its place in my heart as the martyr of television entertainment.  Anyway, his latest production starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day does not disappoint.  It’s a short story segment about – just watch it.


Ok, now that that is out of the way, I can get to the vegetables of my post.   So, deciding to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was probably the biggest mistake I made today.  Yes, I watched it, it was awesome, but then it sent me down this day-long IMDb-Wikipedia-filled cruise of following around what the stars and developers of the show were up to and stuff.  I’m relatively familiar and up to date on Joss Whedon, and Nathan Fillion, and pretty much in “the loop” as far as it goes with Neil Patrick Harris, but in comes Felicia Day.  Sure I’d seen her in the Cheetos commercial, and heard of her YouTube show The Guild, but it wasn’t till now that I felt motivate to watch it.

It started with trying to dig up interviews and information from Whedon, into reading interviews and such with her, so I figured I’d finally check out her show.  And, it was excellent!  It follows along a fictional group of clearly WoW-Guildies during a relatively happenstance misadventure — just watch it.  Sound pretty lame, right?  There’s nothing that scares me more than the prospect of hearing WoW stories, or hearing stories from WoW players, or hearing stories about players of WoW, and this was a fictional story about fictional WoW players telling fictional WoW stories… though honestly a non-fictional version would probably only serve to be much less entertaining and much more depressing.  I say it’s depressing because while it is fictional and played off from a mostly hyperbolic angle, the fact is, what they are depicting really does happen.

Not MY guild.

Now, I don’t have a problem with WoW or any of that, it’s just that I know what it is like, I’ve been down that road before.  It’s always the same stuff you’ve heard from everyone else, but still somehow shockingly with that ring of enthusiasm from the story teller as if their war-story has some looming ace-in-the-hole that all those other stories lacked.  Anyway, so what made this excursion into this world different?  Well, it was actually good, the writing, as done by Felicia Day, was quick, witty, edited fantastically, and with all around great acting.   Sure, it goes overboard a good bit, but the biggest thing I think the show accomplishes is showing the diversity of the players, the ranges of social ineptitude, but bringing it all into a normalized perspective through the eyes of Felicia Day’s character, but without forgetting that Felicia Day herself is one of them too!  Too often shows/skits that aim to make fun of their own target audience forget that they really need to convince their audience that they are one of them, and then make fun of themselves too! Anyway, all in all, it sounds like something I’d think about writing if I was still playing WoW, especially if I thought I could actually make it entertaining/funny, a feat which I otherwise feel would be impossible.  Anyway, I enjoyed the show very much.

So then, after following around Felicia Day a bit more, I was led to following around Sandeep Parikh, the actor that plays Zaboo on The Guild.  He is also very funny, and very entertaining.  Quickly I discover that he’s a pretty active guy himself, working on an also entertaining show called The Legend of Neil, that’s sort of a spoof of Zelda.  It’s about this dude that gets drunk and — just watch it.  I could also link you off to some of his other production/writing/directing work that also was entertaining of what I saw of it, or was very promising if I didn’t.  I’d tell you about it, but I think you get the idea, that you can see it pretty easily yourself.

So anyway, I found similarly interesting back-stories on many of the other cast/crew as members of these popular Internet Content TV shows, with pretty deep ties and productions and cross-related work and etc., and each of them had their own following rabbit holes, sometimes leading back around to one another in a horribly envious chain of celebrity friendship.   And this brings me to my mistake for the day, yes the day.  This is what I did today! Ok no I worked too today, A LOT, and was repeatedly frustrated at the mounting piles of it coming in forcing me to pause and rewind my wonderful Dr. Horrible.  But the point is, I was pretty deeply entertained for the whole day with this stuff, and the thing is, I barely scratched the surface.  This is a rabbit hole I’m afraid to fall deeper into, and I’ve trudged on before, but at the same time, there may be a world of entertainment I’m missing out on.  Also, not all of it is just viewing entertainment either… there’s no shortage of reading entertainment at all.

Also, I can’t help but think and hope that maybe, when/if I have more time, I could maybe put together something like this as well… Ugh, I usually dare not think these thoughts out loud, because generally they only serve as portals for disappointment, but, well, fuck it.

Anyhoo, if you noticed one of the recurring themes in this post, it begs the question: What the hell do I pay you for, television?  Oh, yeah, video games.  Hm.

PS - This song has been stuck in my head like crazy and so I’m putting it here too:

I like it, and eat a dick if you don’t.  I heard it first from the Pineapple Express movie trailer… a movie I have yet to go see, but will eagerly anticipate seeing soon.

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