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Have I figured it all out yet? Part 2

Yeah, pretty much.

Add comment August 28th, 2016 by Anuj

Have I figured it all out yet?


Add comment August 28th, 2010 by Anuj

The Achievement Blip

There once was a time,
when no one came online,
people played their games,
without remembering any of their friends’ names.

A time when effort spent was nothing lost,
for there was nothing on our checklists that needed crossed.
Each objective had an appropriate reward, a fitting retribution,
as opposed to the next task at hand, requiring little or no intuition.

Though that time is gone, forever lost, forever mourned,
we will embrace our new tranquility,
with subconscious mind and obsessive ability.
The achievement blip at the helm,
now ruling our gaming realm;
with the majesty with which you are adorned,
I only wish that we were warned.

Oh peaceful and serene achievement blip,
your every visit makes my heart flip…
except when it’s just my friends coming online,
which is actually what’s happening 90% of the time.

Despite that however, my heart races and leaps and flies and soars,
but then I see my friend’s name and I’m just left wanting more.
In that moment I trip and fall and crash into depression,
and once again crawl back into my obsession.

I’ll never know why your visits I desire…
what I think I’d really like, is for you to retire.
What is it that you fulfill, for me to seek you so aggressively,
keeping me from living happily.
I feel like I don’t even play a game anymore,
unless it’ll improve my gamerscore.

At least I haven’t played things like King Kong, and Cars, and Avatar,
because then I might feel like a complete retard.
But unfortunately it’s probably only a matter of time,
till I commit that heinous crime.

As those little numbers increase by five and ten,
my dedication grows by a similar token.
I knew it was getting out of hand,
when I started counting the numbers like grains of sand,
till I reached the lofty ten thousand.

Alas, this was a burden with which I was born,
despite any and all of my scorn.
We may no longer be free,
but achievement blip I admire thee:
your evaluation had been something I’ve always wanted…
be it cold and cruel to leave me haunted.
Be careful what you wish for,
to open such a bitter sweet door,
for we are only mortal,
now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go play more Portal.

Wrote a terrible poem

1 comment February 10th, 2009 by Anuj

Welcome to WAAAGH!

I don’t think I’ve really mentioned this yet, but I work at EA Mythic Entertainment.  Mythic is best known for the still-popular MMO classic, Dark Age of Camelot.  Anyway, I’ve had the privilege of working on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, which just launched today!  So you should all go play it, and tell me what you think!



Add comment September 18th, 2008 by Anuj

All is Brawl (.com)!

So, the last two months have been incredibly crazy for me. To say that they haven’t been life changing would, quite simply, be profoundly incorrect. Alas, I wish I could tell you all about it right now, but I can’t. I don’t have the time for it, the chapter in my life isn’t complete yet, the story isn’t yet ready to be told, and quite simply, I don’t want to talk about it all just yet. So what the hell am I writing about?


Well, this! AllisBrawl.com
This has been a project I’ve been working on for the past six months or so. On and off for most of it, but pretty hardcore the last couple months. I’m very proud of my work on it and I think it’s phenomenal. It’s a new site dedicated to Smash Bros., particularly for Smash Bros. Brawl. Quite simply, it is the most full-featured and dedicated site for any one game made completely and entirely by less than a handful of fans.

There is nothing I can say here that can’t be accomplished by simply going to the site and checking it out, so please do so. It is the fruit of a lot of my effort the past few months, and will be the portal of a lot of my other efforts in the coming months. It uses some of the latest and cutting-edge technology available for web developers, and not only was it exciting, but it was fun! The site went live Monday, February 18th, 2008, a day that will go down in infamy. In only a week it has had over 400 unique visitors, and almost 60,000 pageviews. We hope you enjoy this, and look forward to your feedback! Welcome to the new face of Smash fandom.

Add comment February 26th, 2008 by Anuj

Smash Delayed Woohoo! I’m so happy!

Smash got delayed. Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh thank you god.  Ok, so I’m probably one of probably three people saying this in the world, but I have a lot of reasons to say so.  Some of which I can’t say, some of which I don’t want to say, but I’m glad.  There are some reasons I can say though.  Like one, it was coming out at an inconvenient time.  Two, I was going to be out of town and so I would be missing launch.  Three, there are other games coming out around the same time that I want to play that I’ll now have time for relatively close to launch.  And also, I wanted an excuse to post this video.

I guess I could talk about my trip out of town a bit more.  Well, I’ll be going to India for a family wedding.  I’d be leaving Friday Night Feb. 25th and returning Sunday Night Feb. 10th.  It should be an amazing trip and I’m looking forward to it.  To be honest, the time bracket in which it falls couldn’t be more inconvenient, but what are you gonna do.  It’s all fun and good stuff.  I remember about 6 months ago where for about 3 months straight I had something or another going on every weekend and it was all fun stuff, but I was getting exhausted not being able to just sit down and relax and play some video games.  I guess we’ll have something like this going again… but I’ll definitely make time for video games.

1 comment January 15th, 2008 by Anuj

Superman Re-Returns


It has been months since I saw old Supes’ on the big screen in Superman Returns, and in that time, I had diligently reflected on the happenings of the movie, and formed an opinion as such. But despite all of that, it wasn’t till tonight that I truly made up my mind about the movie. A friend of mine purchased it on DVD, and I had been anticipating seeing it again, seeing it after already knowing what was going to happen, therefore being able to study the effect the movie aimed to have and the actual effect it created, being able to properly critique events after already experiencing the dreaded 2-week waiting period that a movie need after being seen to be properly critiqued. But most of all, because I couldn’t remember some of the small seemingly insignificant moments in the movie, moments that can often define the quality of the rest of the movie, subconsciously or not.

[darkseid attack and more, after the jump!] (more…)

3 comments February 6th, 2007 by Anuj

ComicShow Episode 1: Generically Speaking

So here it is kids, the very first episode of my new startpause.com strip, StripShow. It promises some half-ass Photoshop, the occasional drawing or two, and content that amuses at least the two of us, the odd egret or two, and maybe even you. The strip will be presented in the form of Java slides. Why? Because it’s tasty! There will always be some more info and background after the jump if you choose to indulge in such delights. So without further ado, click away:

[Click first big image to start show, mouse over edge for next panel, Java must be enabled]

[who would win in a fight?] (more…)

1 comment December 7th, 2006 by Mike

Introducing Virtual Con Solo

I’m so freakin’ excited I even donned this armor I nabbed after bagging some shinejob outside of town. Cleaned out the sweat and had the wookie fancy it up a little. Check out that pose, kid. Sometimes I even amaze myself. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Now, I know a lot of you are jumping all over the damn place trying to find a Wii. Hell, a lot of you are jumping all over the place after you get your Wii. For those of you who managed to smuggle one to the homefront, good work. Just make sure your siblings keep their grubby paws off it.

[psthreepio and artoods won’t be ignored] (more…)

Add comment December 6th, 2006 by Mike

Drephen Combo Video

Check out my CoKmate Drephen’s hilarious new combo vid!

"All dis nigga do is grab"

1 comment June 7th, 2006 by Anuj

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